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Cellulitis - How Homeopathy Can Tackle It?
Posted by Dr. Aradhana Pathak

Cellulitis is an intense and chronic aggravation of the connective tissue of the skin, brought on by infection with a kind of bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus or other microbes). Cellulitis often occurs on uncovered areas of the body, for example, the arms, legs, and the face. It is basically characterised by excessive redness, swelling, warmth and pain or pain at even the most delicate touch.

Homeopathic medications are extremely productive in treating cellulitis, although these will have to be prescribed by a doctor only. The medicines work very efficiently by increasing the immunity of the patient along with a decrease in the swelling, pain and burning in cellulitis. Indeed, even in instances of cellulitis with blister formation, homeopathic medications are very effective and are usually administered in small doses of natural elements. Following are some of the homeopathic medications so as to cure cellulitis:

  1. Belladonna for redness of skin during cellulitis: The Homeopathic cure Belladonna is a normal medicine for cellulitis where the skin is extremely red and swollen giving it a sparkling appearance. Patients that feel excruciating pain even at the slightest touch will also require Belladonna.
  2. Apis Mellifica for cellulitis during swelling: Apis mellifica is suited for those instances of cellulitis where there is much swelling of the affected zone along with a burning and stinging pain. Apis mellifica helps those cases of cellulitis in which the smouldering pain is relieved by applying something cool over the skin and the pain that quickly spreads over various parts of the body.
  3. Ledum Palsture for cellulitis due to insect bites: The Homeopathic solution Ledum palustre holds a very effective reputation in treating those instances of cellulitis that occur because of bug bites. This common homeopathic solution is used as a part of cellulitis when there is a cold sensation in the affected area with tearing pain.
  4. Pyrogenium for septicaemia in cellulitis: Pyrogenium is a well-known solution for treating this condition. It is used for a number of symptoms. This could include a fever with the body temperature being 103 to 106 degrees. It rises rapidly with an unusually fast heartbeat and restlessness.
  5. Calendula Officinalis in Post-surgical cellulitis: Without a doubt, the best homeopathic solution for cellulitis that has come after surgical cuts is Calendula officinalis. This prescription acts productively as a corrective as well as a preventive measure for pus formation on the skin after the surgery.

Silicea for treating cellulitis when blisters show up on the skin: The homeopathic cure Silicea gives great results when blisters or sores are shaped on the skin in extreme cellulitis cases. These blisters are usually filled with pus, which is quite harmful if the blister bursts. Silicea is also used when there is fever with chills and perspiration.

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