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Bio-data of Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, born on 3rd of November at Kashipur of Uttarakhand State of India, has been meritorious since his school time. He always secured distinctions in nearly all subjects. He completed his B.Sc., BHMS and MD with distinctions in almost all of so called difficult subjects. He is titled with – • Bachelor of Science (BSc)- 1st Div., Kumaon University, Nainital • Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS)- With Honors, Agra University, Agra • Doctor of Medicine (Homoeopathy) (MD Homoeopathy), Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur • Doctorate of Homoeopathic Medicine (hMD)- (UK) • Post Graduate Diploma in Homoeopathy (DI Hom)- (UK) • Doctor of Literature (DLit)- (UK) He is cherished by - • Govt. Kanpur Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Kanpur • Govt. K. G. K. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Moradabad • Pt. Din Dayal Govt. Joint District Hospital, Moradabad • Govt. Homoeopathic Hospital, Thakurdwara, Moradabad • Dr. M. P. K. Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur • British Institute of Homoeopathy, UK • Homoeo Cure & Research Institute, Kashipur (Uttarakhand)- India • Sparsh Multispecialty Hospital, Kashipur (Uttarakhand)- India He has been awarded – • Award of Best Social services in Field of Medicine- 1999 • Best International Feature Award of 2003 (U.K.) • Honoured by Bar Association Kashipur for successful treatment of cancer patients in 2005 • Award of Excellence- 2005 • Kashipur Gaurav Award- 2006 • Honoured by Bharti Nav Chetna Manch Research on cancer in 2006 • Bhartiya Chikitsak Ratna Award- 2007 • Mother India Award for Udyog Pratibha- 2007 • International Gold star award- 2010 • Homoeopathic Gem Award- 1011 • HWC Precedential Excellency Award- USA- 2020 He has been interviewed by– • Sadhna TV • Zee News • ETV • TV 100 He has attended– • Numerous International and National Seminars and presented case histories/ scientific papers. He is affiliated as – • International Vice President- Homoeopathy World Community (USA) • Administrator- Homoeopathy World Community- USA • Medical Examiner- Life Corporation of India (LIC) • Life Member- Akhil Bhartiya Brahmin Mahasabha • Managing Director, Homoeo Cure & Research Institute, Kashipur, Uttarakhand • Member- Aastha Trust • Life Member- Indian Medicolegal and Ethics Association (IMLEA) • Patron- Dr. Ambedkar Smarak Trust, Chikitsa Prakosth, Uttarakhand • CMD- Sparsh Multispecialty Hospital, Kashipur, Uttarakhand • CMD- Vaibhav Homoeopathic Pharma, Kashipur, Uttarakhand He has been- • State Vice president- Rashtriya Dalit Manvadhikar Abhiyan Samiti • Secretary, Manorama Sharma Smarak Kalyan Nidhi • Associate- The Ezine team (homeorizon.com) • Member- Rashtriya Bal Vikas Congress • Member- Nav Chetna Sanskritik Manch, Kashipur • Convenor- HMAI UP for Nainital District. • Director, Lions Club Kashipur Greater, Kashipur Chapter • Member- Bharat Vikas Parishad, Kashipur Unit • President, Kashipur Jaycees, a Unit of Jaycees International • State Secretary, Homoeo Chikitsak Sangh, Uttarakhand • Executive Preceptor- Goli Ke Hamjoli Moment • Secretary, HMAI, Kashipur Unit • External Examiner, Faculty of Homoeopathy, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Agra University, Agra • Director (R & D)- M R Laboratories, a Homoeopathic Pharmacy • Hindi Vikas Kalyan Samiti • Founder Secretary- Kashipur Jaycees, a Unit of Jaycees International His main achievements – • Participated actively in COVID19 Pandemic, distributed Homoeoprophylaxis to thousands of persons, absolutely free, dedicated the Intensive care Unit of hospital to CORONA patients and served them round the clock. • Arranged a series of free Homoeopathic Camps at various places of Uttarakhand, diagnosed the various disease prevalence in different areas of the state, made a report on this project and presented to Government of Uttaranchal 2003. • Arranged means to treat CRF patients from all over the world, especially Pantnagar University area and made a project report on it, ready to be submitted to Pantnagar University and the Uttaranchal Government. • Established the first indoor homoeopathic Hospital of Uttaranchal State and equipped it with latest modern facilities viz. Intensive care unit (ICU), Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), Ultramodern Operation theatres, Ventilators, Defibrillators, Laryngoscopy, Endoscopy, Otoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Computers, Internet, close circuit TVs, ECG, Stress ECG, Echocardiography, TMT, X Ray, Ultrasound, Pathology, Pharmacy Lab, Library, Physiotherapy (Laser therapy, Infra-Red Therapy, Ultra Sound Therapy, Interferential Therapy, Microstim, TENMS, TENS, Digital Intermittent Traction, Tread Mill, Muscle Stimulator, Wax Therapy, Chiropractic, Tee Pulley, Shoulder Abduction Ladder, Shoulder Wheel, Thomos’s Splintage etc.), Reiki, Yoga, Health Education to the society etc. • Published a book on Homoeopathy in Hindi, for introductory knowledge to the patients- Homoeopathy - Ek Parichaya • Published a questionnaire for Homoeopathic Consultancy. • Ready to publish a few books on Homoeopathy, its fundamentals, philosophy, pharmacy, therapeutics and dietary; Telephone Directory of Brahmins of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand State very shortly. • Published a number of articles and case histories in Vital Informer, The Similitude, Homoeotimes, Homoeopathy International, various souvenirs, various Hindi Newsletters, www.cureme.org.in, www.spiritindia.com, www.homeopathyworldcommunity.com, www.treatmenthomoeopathy.com, www.similima.com, www.homoeotimes.com, www.worldhomeopathicdirectiory.com, www.scribd.com etc. Some articles Published by Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma in various Newsletters, Magazines and several Internet sites of International repute – For the last 30 years of toiling hard, we have presented numerous research papers on Homoeopathy internationally. Some of them are available below for your expertise- A case of bleeding nasal polyi cured (pdf) A Case of Cholelithiasis Cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Corneal Ulcer Cured with Senega (pdf) A Case of Cutaneous Larva Migrans (Creeping Eruption) cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Empty sella Cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Hydrocephalos cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A case of Juvenile Psoriasis vulgaris cured with homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Large Nasal and Maxilary Polyp (pdf) A case of large ovarian cyst cured with homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Neurocysticercosis Cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A case of pityriasis alba cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A case of Pleural effusion with cardiomegaly cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Postpartum Hemorrhage (pdf) A CASE OF Rabies (pdf) A Case of Sarcoidosis Cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) A Case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (pdf) A case of Stasis eczema with dyshydrosis formatted (pdf) A Case of Tubercular Cervical Adenitis Cured with Sepia (pdf) Ablutophobia fear of bathing and Homoeopathy (pdf) adam stoke syndrome and homoeopathy (pdf) adhd (pdf) age detrermination by radiology (pdf) Alopecia areata (pdf) Amenorrhea in Teenagers in concepts of Homoeopathy (pdf) Ankylosing spondylitis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Antisocial Personality (pdf) Aplastic-anemia-and-Homoeopathy (pdf) Appendicitis (pdf) Application of Electroencephalography in Homoeopathy book (pdf) Arndt Schultz Law (pdf) Asthma and Homoeopathy (pdf) Autoimmunity and Homoeopathy (pdf) Avascular necrosis (pdf) Balanitis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Bartter Syndrome and Gitelman Syndrome (pdf) Bell’s palsy and Homoeopathy (pdf) Birth Defects and Homoeopathy (pdf) BODY LOTIONS and Homoeopathy (pdf) Bristol-Stool-Chart with Homoeopathy (jpg) Broken Heart Syndrome (Stress Cardiomyopathy) and Homoeopathy (pdf) Burning mouth Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Cacodemonia or Cacodemonomania (pdf) Cancer Tongue cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) Cardiac Repertory with some Acute condition Repertorizations (pdf) case of Hepatitis B cured (pdf) Central Serous Chorioretinopathy and Homoeopathy (pdf) Cerebral autosomal recessive arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (pdf) Cerebral palsy and Homoeopathy (pdf) CEREBROSPINAL RHINORRHOEA AND HOMOEOPATHY (pdf) Cervicitis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Chest pain and Homoeopathy (pdf) Chikungunya and Homoeopathy (pdf) Chronic Constipation and Homoeopathy (pdf) Chronic-Hyperinsulinaemia-and-Homoeopathy (pdf) Cinderella syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Coccygodynia and Homoeopathy (pdf) Coccygodynia and Homoeopathy (pdf) Collagen disorders and Homoeopathy (pdf) Color Expectoration and Homoeopathy (pdf) Common Dental Complaints and Homoeopathy (pdf) Compulsive buying disorder and Homoeopathy (pdf) Confusion and Homoeopathy (pdf) Cough and Homoeopathy (pdf) CSU and Homeopathy (pdf) Cystic Fibrosis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Dandruff and Homoeopathy (pdf) Darier disease and Homoeopathy (pdf) DEGENERATIVE SPINE DISEASE in Homoeopathic Terminology (pdf) Deja Vu And Homoeopathy (pdf) Dengue Fever and Homoeopathy (pdf) Depression (pdf) Diseases of Urinary Bladder and Homoeopathy (pdf) Disorders of Copper Homeostasis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Dizziness- vertigo and Homoeopathy (pdf) Dumping Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Eagle syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Edema and Homoeopathy (pdf) EEG (pdf) Effects of Fasting and Homoeopathy (pdf) Efficacy of Homoeopathy in Treatment of Sarcoidosis 100 cases (pdf) Efficacy of Homoeopathy in Treatment of Sarcoidosis 50 cases (pdf) Epistaxis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Errors of Eye Refraction and Homoeopathy (pdf) Erythema multiforme and Homoeopathy (pdf) Erythrasma and Homoeopathy (pdf) Fibroadenoma and Homoeopathy. (pdf) fibromyalgia and homoeopathy (pdf) Fingerprints and Homoeopathy (pdf) Formication and Homoeopathy (pdf) Fracture and Dislocation and Homoeopathy (pdf) Froelich Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) glaucoma and homoeopathy (pdf) Hahnemannian Oath (pdf) Hangnails-and-Homoeopathy (pdf) Hangover and Homoeopathy (pdf) headache and homoeopathy (pdf) Hemolytic Anemia and homoeopathy (pdf) Herpes zoster and homoeopathy (pdf) Hiccough and Homoeopathy (pdf) High Blood Pressure (pdf) Hirayama disease and Homoeopathy (pdf) Hirsutism and Homoeopathy (pdf) Hydrocephalus and Homoeopathy (pdf) Hypersensitivity and Homoeopathy (pdf) Hypersexuality and Homoeopathy (pdf) Hypertension and Homoeopathy (pdf) Hypertrophic Scars, Keloid and Homoeopathy (pdf) Ichthyosis_vulgaris_cured_with_Homoeopathy (pdf) inflamation and homoeopathy (pdf) Inflammatory bowel disease (pdf) Intracranial hypertensionand homoeopathy (pdf) Iron ddefficiency anemia and Homoeopathy (pdf) itching and Homoeopathy (pdf) jealousy and Homoeopathy (pdf) Juvenile Psoriasis Cured with Homoeopathy (pdf) Kleptomania and Homoeopathy (pdf) Knee Pain (pdf) Lassitude and Homoeopathy (pdf) Leukoplakia and Homoeopathy (pdf) Lice (Pediculosis) and Homoeopathy (pdf) Lichen planopilaris and Homoeopathy (pdf) Lipoma and Homoeopathy (pdf) Love (pdf) lumbar spine pain and Homoeopathy (pdf) Malaria-in-terms-of-Homoeopathy (pdf) Melasma and Homoeopathy (pdf) Microscopic polyangiitis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Mood-and-the-Menstrual-Cycle (pdf) Motor Neurone Disease and Homoeopathy (pdf) Munchausen Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Muscle Sprains and Strains and Homoeopathy (pdf) My Experiments with Chronic Renal Failure (pdf) Nasal-Block (pdf) Nausea and Vomiting and Homoeopathy (pdf) Nausea during teeth brushing and Homoeopathy (pdf) neck pain and Homoeopathy (pdf) Neocortex (pdf) Nephrotic syndrome and homoeopathy (pdf) Neurogenic bladder and Homoeopathy.doc (pdf) Nocturnal Enuresis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Numbness and Homoeopathy (pdf) Obesity and Homoeopathy (pdf) Optic nerve atrophy and homoeopathy (pdf) Oral lesions and homoeopathy (pdf) Orgasm and Homoeopathy (pdf) Osteoarthritis and Homoeopathy (pdf) pain and homoeopathy (pdf) Painful Penile Induration and Homoeopathy (pdf) Parorexia and Homoeopathy book (pdf) Perniosis (Chilblains and Homoeopathy (pdf) Perspiration (Sweat) and Homoeopathy (pdf) Pheochromocytoma and Homoeopathy (pdf) PNDS and Homoeopathy (pdf) Polycythemia Vera and Homoeopathy (pdf) Postural hypotension and Homoeopathy (pdf) Potencies and their actions on living organisms (pdf) Prader Willi Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) PREGNANCY AND THYROID DYSFUNCTION (pdf) Pregnancy interms of Homoeopathy (pdf) Pregnancy related Acute Kidney Injury and Homoeopathy (pdf) Premature Graying of Hair and Homoeopathy (pdf) PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME (pdf) Psoriasis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Pudendal Neuralgia and Homoeopathy (pdf) Pyeronie disease and Homoeopathy (pdf) Radiation and Homoeopathy (pdf) renal cysts and homoeopathy (pdf) Repertory of effects of floods (pdf) Retinal Detachment and Homoeopathy (pdf) Retinopathy and Homoeopathy (pdf) Rheumatic Heart Disease and Homoeopathy (pdf) Rheumatoid Arthritis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Role of Homoeopathy in Haemorrhoids with Miasmatic Concepts (pdf) sarcoid 33 cases report (pdf) Sarcoidosis Cured with Homoepathy (pdf) Scientific Evidences About Homeopathy (pdf) scleroderma and homoeopathy (pdf) Sex determination by radiology (pdf) SHAMPOO and Homoeopathy (pdf) Sinusitis and Homeopathy (pdf) Skeletal Dysplasia and Homoeopathy (pdf) Sleep paralysis and homeopathy (pdf) Sleep positions and Homoeopathy (pdf) smile and Homoeopathy (pdf) Smoking and Homoeopathy (pdf) Snellen (pdf) Snoring and Homoeopathy (pdf) Somnambulism and Homoeopathy (pdf) Space occupying lesions and homoeopathy (pdf) Stickler Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Story of NAIL POLISH and Homoeopathy (pdf) Strabismus and homoeopathy (pdf) Suicide and Homoeopathy (pdf) Superstitiousness and Homoeopathy (pdf) Temperaments in Homoeopathy (pdf) The Brain Fag Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) The knee and its disorders in terms of Homoeopathy (pdf) The Vaulted Treasures (pdf) TMJ Disorders AND Homoeopathy (pdf) tongue lesions and homoeopathy (pdf) Tooth Discoloration and Homoeopathy (pdf) Tourette Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) Transient ischemic attack (pdf) Trochanteric Bursitis and Homoeopathy (pdf) Trophoblastic Thesis Of Cancerformat (pdf) Ureteric Colic and homoeopathy (pdf) uterine fibroid and homoeopathy (pdf) Vitamin D Intoxication and Homoeopathy (pdf) Waardenburg Syndrome and Homoeopathy (pdf) What are hemorrhoids (pdf) Xanthalesma (pdf) His address – Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma B. Sc., B. H. M. S., M. D., hM.D. (U.K.), D. I. Hom. (London), D.Lit. (U.K.) Homoeo Cure & Research Institute N.H. 74, Dr. Rajneesh Marg, Moradabad Road, Kashipur- 244713, Uttarakhand, INDIA Fax +91 05947 260327, Cell. 9897618594 E-mails: [email protected], [email protected]

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