About Me:

I am a Clinician-Homoeopath with passion for Healthcare Quality, Communications and International relations focusing my vision on Innovation in Healthcare through Change Management and Leadership Excellence. I completed my Bachelors(BHMS) from India in 2006 followed by my National Diploma NZQA Level-7 from New Zealand. Furthermore I also completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration in 2012. I had been in clinical practice and as a Management professional since 2007 handling my clinical practice and Healthcare Operations parallelly till date. I am the Director-Medical interventions @ REACHH Healthcare, Bangalore which is a venture in one of its kind Handing Industrial & Occupational Healthcare through Homoeopathy for the first time in India focusing primarily on FAMILY HEALTHCARE PRACTICE through Homoeopathy.I am also the Senior Consultant Homeopathic Consultant @ Dr.V.K.Jayakumar Memorial LakshmiNursing Home,Narakal,Ernakulam,Kerala. Furthermore I have been doing Telemedicine Consultation for my patients within & outside India for over 10 years and still continue to do so.I have been in practice for the last 13 years besides being a Healthcare Quality and Accreditation Consultant and Change Management Specialist in Healthcare.As a token of appreciation in Healthcare Quality & Accreditation, I was awarded the designation of Honorary Advisor for Quality Assurance in Healthcare by Confederation of Accreditation Commission(CIAC) Global in Jan 2016. Telemedicine & Telehealth has always been my passion and has been working on this for over a decade now.I believe Telemedicine is the past; Tele-health is the Present & AI Health is the future of Medicine.Appropriate integration of Technology with medicine brings medicine from convenience care to connected care. Medicine will eventually progress from generalised medicine to Personalised medicine and finally to the future medicine called Precision Medicine. ACHIEVEMENTS: >Honorary Advisor for Quality Assurance in Healthcare from Confederation of International Accreditation Commission >"COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN HEALTHCARE-Train the Master Trainer” Certificate conducted by CAHO-endorsed by NABH >NZQA approved FIRST AID CERTIFICATE, able to perform CPR and other emergency care >NZQA approved drug/alcohol & safety awareness certificate at work place. >Best Employee Award for customer service in 2008 in New Zealand >Appreciation from Silk Air :Given appreciation from Silk air for the help rendered for a few passengers onboard for First aid and emergency measures like CPR given WORKSHOPS & PRESENTATIONS: >Presentation on Telemedicine in Oncology: “Virtual solution to a very real problem: The Future of Cancer Treatment: On the Way to New Horizons” @ INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HOMEOPATHY AND PHYTOMEDICINE 2020 >Presentation on "TELEMEDICINE IN HOMOEOPATHY-The Need of the Hour"=Public Healthcare access simplified,accessible and easily attainable @ EVINCE-2019=Homeopathic Metanalysis @ Kochi- 2019 & >Presentation on "TELEMEDICINE IN HOMOEOPATHY-The Need of the Hour"=Public Healthcare access simplified,accessible and easily attainable @ 8th Euro-India International Conference on Holistic Medicine-2018 >Presentation on MEETING PATIENT FRIENDLINESS THROUGH ACCREDITATION'S like NABH & JCI at ACME –AHPI Workshop in Bangalore >Presentation on NABH ENTRY LEVEL STANDARDS –Bringing Quality Accreditation & Best Practices in Patient Safety & Care, within reach of all hospitals at Chennai & Kochi >Presentation on " Adopting an IDEAL Healthcare-through INNOVATION & DEVELOPMENT ;EXCELLENCE IN ADMINISTRATION & LEADERSHIP "@ Thrissur-November-2015 >First Aid Training to the Emergency team @ Synthite-Symega Taste Park Please feel free to have a look at my profiles below for a detailed understanding of myself. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/vivekgopal1 Facebook page:Dr.Vivek Gopalakrishnan @ drvivekg4u

Per Consultancy Charge: 300.00 INR

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