About Me:

Practicing Homeopathy in Raipur, India As a medically qualified Homeopath, I have been practicing Homeopathy for over 16 years. Completed my BHMS degree in 2006 from Raipur Homeopathy College and Specializing in homeopathy since 2006, I have cared for patients with a unique integration of conventional medicine and homeopathy. I use an integrated approach when treating patients both in general practice and in my homeopathic clinic. I worked for 14 years in the Angel Homoeo Care and have been director of Angel Homeopathic Care Private Limited, where many of my patients have found me via word of mouth and recommendations. Homeopathy cares for patients with highly diluted forms of natural remedies, applying the law of similarity, in an effort to mimic the symptoms displayed by the patient. In my experience, there have been countless remarkable cases where homeopathy has shown great benefits, despite its controversy. Why choose I choose homeopathy practice? Because It is a Highly experienced medical professional and becomes Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy, Member of the Indian Homeopathic Association, Unique integration of conventional medicine and homeopathy and Thorough consultation & Natural and mineral remedies, I see clients from all over India, including: patient from film industry too. In recognition of my extensive expertise in homeopathy, I am on the Specialist Register of the Faculty of Homeopathy. You can be sure that, with me, you are seeing an experienced and valued practitioner of homeopathy.

Per Consultancy Charge: 300.00 INR

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